The contents of the locked Bike Box are standardly insured up to the value of CZK 90000.

Should anyone be successful in breaking into the box and stealing its contents, the insurance shall pay the damages on the stolen sports equipment, which includes not only standard bicycles, but also electric bicycles, skateboards, longboards and the accessory equipment of these items. The insurance also covers stolen bike trailers, added bike seats, racks, helmets, protective gear and other equipment. In addition, the insurance also covers natural disaster, e.g. also damage by fire.

Bikebox has been constructed in agreement with the insurer, therefore the security of Bikebox conforms exactly to the insurance conditions. So it does not matter where the Bike Box is located - you do not have to worry about how secure the entrance door to the cellar, bike storage room or garage is, because Bikebox may be placed anywhere in the Czech Republic, even in open space.

Each Bikebox is equipped with its own identity number and a well visible unique label.

This label provides information about the insurance to the user.

How to proceed in the case of damage?

  • Always report the damage to the Police of the Czech Republic.
  • For further steps, see here: Generali Česká pojišťovna
  • When reporting a claim, always note the unique box number and immediately contact
    the customer service of Generali Česká pojišťovna, a.s. 841 114 114.
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