Multisite XL box

XL multi-seat Bike Boxes are made of a steel supporting structure made of rolled profiles. Perimeter wall and door panels can be made of solid sheet metal, expanded metal, compact plate or safety milk glass. The roof is made of compact boards. The roof can also be made in the "green roof" variant. In this embodiment, waterproofing and layers for planting grasses or plants are laid on the roof structure. The roof can also be a design element. The box door is locked with a lock with an insert or a coin lock. The entire box structure is divided into separate cubicles and two wheels can be placed in each cubicle. The wheels are placed in a horizontal position in the box, which facilitates the handling of the wheel. Access to the box is possible from one side, so it is possible to place boxes or sets of boxes against the wall. Boxes can be placed in assemblies in a row.

XL Bike Box

Assembly of the multisite XL box

Using the two basic types 2XL and 3XL multi-place boxes, you can create an assembly of boxes according to the required capacity of the stored wheels of the project.

Linear assembly 3XL

Linear assembly 3XL

Linear assembly 2XL

Linear assembly 2XL

Box offers

  • Security
  • Attendance free operation
  • Modularity
  • Design
  • Recharging e-bikes
  • Solar powered
  • Cashless payments
  • Insurance
  • Multilangual communitation
  • Multi coin acceptor
Overview of advantages
  • Electronical lock
  • Mechanical coin holder locker
  • Mechanical lock
  • Free of charge
  • Contactless payments
  • Electronical coin holder
  • Identification cards and chips
  • SMS payments
  • Hooks for hanging a backpack or helmet
  • For electronic boxes there is a possibility of using the BoxView application to display information about the status of boxes and their maintenance
  • Possibility of solar power supply (cannot be combined with charging e-bikes)
  • E-bike charging system is a part of an optional accessory
  • LED lighting is a part of an optional accessory
  • The basic colour of the fired powder paint according to the RAL swatch
  • Possibility of plastering according to your own graphic design
Try out the colour range of the boxes

Next types of the boxes

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Vertical Bike Box
Vertical box

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Horizontal Bike Box
Horizontal box

Box from bio planks

Bike Box from bio planks
Box from bio planks
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